Is My Prescription for Glasses and Contact Lenses the same?

When you are planning to switch from glasses to contact lenses either for eye color transformation, style statement or for correcting your refractive error; you will ask yourself a question; “Is my prescription for contact lenses the same as of my glasses”? The answer in most cases is “NO”. To make a point consider this, “your eye glasses are at the minimum distance of 12mm from your eyes whereas your contact lenses rest on your eyes directly”. How can you expect your prescriptions to be the same for the both medical devices?



Below we will study in detail that how and why your prescription for glasses and contact lenses is different.



Medical Terms used in the Prescription of Contact Lenses

In your prescription of contact lenses you will find following terms mentioned. To develop an insight; it is recommended to first understand what these terms are about.


PWR -1.25 -2.00
BC 8.7 8.7
DIA 14 14
CYL -2.25 -2.25
AXIS 160 160
ADD 1.75 1.75
COLOR Blue Blue


OD means “Oculux Dexter”- OD is used for right eye and OS stands for “Oculux sinister”-It is used for left eye. OD though represents “Right Eye”; you will see it at left side of the prescription. This is to avoid prescription confusion as when eye doctor checks your eyes; your right eye is at his left.Where




Prescription of Glasses

Prescription for glasses include following terms:




Why cannot you Use Prescription of Glasses for Contact Lenses?

Prescriptions contact lenses need additional information such as the brand, diameter, and base curve. Both of the prescriptions include the power of the lens required to correct refractive errors in your vision for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. It is necessary to get a complete eye checkup when you are planning to buy contact lenses for yourself. Contact lenses are better than eye glasses in many cases. Read why you should get contact lenses if you are stuck in a dilemma. Unfortunately; not everyone can get contact lenses. Medical conditions like dry eyes etc or sensitive eyes do not feel comfortable wearing contact lenses.


Contact lenses are medical devices and should be treated accordingly. Even if you are buying contact lenses just for the sake of color enhancement or for special occasions like Halloween, and cosplay conventions get your appointment for an eye exam first to get properly fitted contact lenses.



Convert your Power of Glasses to Power of Contact Lenses

Alternatively; if you are running short at time get power of your contact lenses by converting the power of glasses you already have. Convert your power into power of contact lenses here.


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