Cosplay Lenses: Different Fascinating Types of Cosplay Lenses

Cosplay lenses are becoming a mandatory element of all costume parties. People use cosplay lenses either to match with their outfits or to replicate a character they are performing about. Cosplay lenses or costume contact lenses are specially designed to bring a huge change in your eyes by adding a color. They enhance your eyes with a unique pattern that is uncommon otherwise. Such designs and patterns are easily spotted and make a difference.


Cosplay lenses are not meant for vision correction; but they are also available in prescription. These costume lenses are very dramatic hence; help you achieving the best results you expect from your cosplay.  In past cosplay circle lenses used to be so expensive that they were almost unaffordable for a common man. However; fortunately with the rapid advancement in the technology and development in the production side; cosplay lenses are not only now available in several fascinating styles and types but the cost side has also observed a huge drop-down making it reachable for everyone.


People from entertainment industry are generally the potential consumers of cosplaycircle lenses; however with the increasing trend of costume parties and anime conventions; people from general public are encouraged to give these babies a try. Cosplay lenses can be categorized as follows:


  1. Crazy Lenses
  2. Anime Lenses
  3. Sclera Lenses

Crazy Cosplay Lenses

Crazy cosplay lenses come in crazy designs and patterns that are often very freaky. Some famous crazy patterns are cat-eye; dragon eye, spider eye etc. Crazy cosplay lenses are also known as “Theatrical lenses” because they cover your eyes exceptionally well. Therefore; crazy lenses are suitable for both light and dark colored eyes. With crazy contact lenses you can enjoy creating spine-chilling performances in any costume party and make others appalled. Crazy cosplay lenses are also available in animal designs; hence these crazy contacts are considered most favorite contacts for occasions like Halloween, Raves, MardiGras and even for Christmas.


With crazy cosplay lenses; it has become easy to disguise into any wild and supernatural creature- be ita werewolf, a ghost or a witch and wizard. People believe that cosplay lenses help you reflect the evil-side of your character via your eyes. This effect can be achieved more successfully with UV Glow cosplay lenses.


Anime CosplayLenses

Anime cosplay lenses came in trend soon after the fame of Japanese cartoons especially the Naruto. Anime conventions give you a chance to express yourself in a fun way. Japanese usually are recognized with small eyes; so they created a fantasy character with huge alluring eyes and named it Anime. Anime cosplay lenses therefore come in bigger diameters than regular cosplay lenses. Depending upon your requirements you can go for 16mm diameter or 20 mm diameter.


With anime lenses you can alter your eyes and spice-up your costume. Sharingan contact lenses or Naruto Contact Lenses are also the demand of the day. They are perfect for Halloween or you would be more likely to fall for sharingancosplay lenses if you consider yourself a huge fan of Naruto. Give a new definition to your over-all look just by spending few more bucks on anime cosplay lenses; sit back, relax and wait for the magic to work!


Sclera Cosplay Lenses

Sclera cosplay lenses are relatively a new trend. Not only does it change your eye color but it also entirely covers all the visible areas of your eyes. Sclera cosplay lenses are very spooky- true they are expensive but they guarantee the success of your cosplay concerning to spooksville.Scelracosplay lenses have large dimensions; so you may find stiffness in your eyes upon wearing them. Some people even notice improper vision; so they are best suited in theatrical performances that support a handler. Some creative best examples of sclera cosplay lenses are dead eye, blind eye, cataract eye etc.


 Available in almost all the colors- sclera lenses need some creativity and an unmatchable grip on imagination to throw some unforgettable memories on audience.


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