Big Eye Contact Lenses- Myths and Facts

There are millions of people who have included wearing big eye contact lenses in their daily routines. Whether it is a pop star, a doctor, a student or a child- people from all walks of life prefer big eye contact lenses over glasses for their vision correction. Moreover; contact lenses are now more than just a vision-correction tool. Big eye contact lenses now serve as a fashion statement. Enhancing your eyes by making them look bigger and by adding a color tint; these contacts create appealing looks in the wearer’s personality.


In the eastern part of the world; big eye contact lenses have seen huge demand and production that inspired Europeans and other people belonging from West too to try big eye contact lenses. Gyarus, real life barbies and UlzaangsContact lenses got viral on internet and helped spreading the latest fashion trend around the globe even more.


Unfortunately; in the under-developed regions of the world there lie some myths about big eye contact lenses that do not let those people go for a good change. Those misconceptions regarding contact lenses became fact over time. Therefore; I decided to address some most wide-spread myths below:


Fact: FALSE- The membrane known as “Conjuctiva” forms a barrier between the eye-ball and eye lid making it impossible for the contact lens to slip back. It cannot get lost in your eye. However on improper insertion big eye contact lenses can get broken. On meeting such an accident do not panic and learn how to remove broken big eye contact lenses from your eyes.


Fact: FALSE- Big eye contact lenses can never fuse with your eyes. Research shows that they even provide an extra protective layer to your eyes.


Fact: FALSE- Teen-agers around the world are wearing contact lenses for fashion needs, for vision correction and even for special occasions like cosplays and anime conventions. Big eye contact lenses have nothing to do with age. Anyone who is mature enough to take a good care of contact lenses and is willing to disinfect big eye contact lenses regularly can wear them without any fear.


Fact: FALSE- It is believed that with age eyes become drier hence wearing big eye contact lenses may become uncomfortable to wear. However; with modern technology and advancement; there are some contact lenses available that are higher in water content. If used with eye-wetting drops your eyes will be able to retain moisture.


Fact: False- Big eye contact lenses are never painful. Some people feel slight discomfort upon wearing contacts but this happens mostly in the case of beginners. As soon as your eyes get used to of big eye contact lenses; you will not feel that you are wearing anything at all. If still you feel discomfort read how to reduce contact lens discomfort.


Fact: Partially True- Eye infections may rise upon using big eye contact lenses. This happens due to wrong insertion or removal method, improper personal hygiene, cheap and low quality contacts or contacts bought from unauthorized stores.  Always purchase big eye contact lenses from credible sources; that have already gained customers’ trust and are endorsed trustable by third parties.


Fact- Partially True- Some big eye contact lenses depending on the pattern and the needs they fulfill may come with a bit high price tag. However; customers need not to worry as the fierce competition has forced the prices to go down. You are subjected to buy unparalleled deals for big eye contact lenses online; as this is the place you buy your contacts easily with or without prescription.


Fact- Probably False: These days big eye contact lenses are available to solve eye diseases like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. With prescription contact lenses it is rare that you fail to find a pair of big eye contact lenses for yourself.


Fact: FALSE- Big eye contact lenses are not meant to wear under water especially when you are in a pool. Pool water contains hazardous bacteria and other microscopic organisms that may cause eye infections on coming into contact with big eye contact lenses. This is why eye care specialists recommend wearing goggles during a swim.


Fact: False- Big eye contact lenses should always be removed before taking a nap. Sleeping in contacts erupt the top layer of corneathat results in the bad-cornea infection. The risks increases 10% if you sleep wearing big eye contact lenses.


Fact: False- Big eye contact lenses do not need any special care regimen. With the availability of multi-purpose disinfectants and variety of contact lens cases; the care regiment of big eye contact lenses is no more a rocket-science.


Fact: FALSE- It is totally safe to wear big eye contact lenses while you take part in sport. Soft contact lenses never fall-off from your eyes though hard contacts may sometime fit in the scenario. Big eye contact lenses made from soft material fit properly into your eyes and infact provide clear vision than conventional glasses during sports. See here why you should prefer big eye contact lenses over glasses.


I hope the above mentioned facts vs myths regarding big eye contact lenses have somewhat cleared your doubts. It is completely safe to wear big eye contact lenses for all ages from children to older people. There are also inexpensive big eye contact lenses available (disposable) for you to try a wear!


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