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Want to impress at a cosplay performance?


Bring a whole new life to your entire costume.  Dress up your eyes with crazy lenses or cosplay lenses. Peer into other peoples’ eyes through your crazy lenses.  Glare at them and stun them.  Stare at them and scare them.  Freak them out.  Amaze them. They will not forget the star of the show – you! And you did all that by wearing those crazy lenses. You might have spent considerable amount in purchasing your costumes then why not spend a little more on your eyes? Do not let go the essence of your high level theatrical performance by ignoring the importance of cosplay lenses. Cosplay lenses can give a whole new life to your costume and your character. Freak out others with crazy lenses and cosplay lenses. Cosplay lenses are best suitable for occasions like Halloween where you need to act as a wicked witch, a staggering zombie or as the ghost of an evil soul.


Create your own spooksville and get into a bone chilling costume; complimenting your looks with our wide variety of cosplay lenses. We have a complete range of cosplay/anime/crazy lenses where we have carefully picked bright and pigmented cosplay lenses to work on both bright and light eyes. Browse through our selection as the time you spend is worth it. Bring your costume, facial features and your character to life by a well-made selection of cosplay lenses from our range. Breathe out fire or cast icy gazes; nothing is impossible when you have your eyes dressed up with the cosplay lenses. One cannot overrule the role of crazy/cosplay lenses they can play in any super-natural performance. What are you then waiting for? Have a look and justify your cosplay with our twilight, zombie, crazy or anime lenses. Sharingan contact lenses and red circle lenses are the best sellers. Our cosplay circle lenses are tagged to work best even for the photoshoots.


Please send us your cosplay pictures to earn store credit for your next purchases or to win circle lenses in monthly giveaways. Also have a look on our stylishly designed range of big eye contact lenses and circle lenses.


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