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Cosplay or costume parties are getting quite famous worldwide. Costume parties may earn you fame, money and fans. However; you need to be very innovative and a passionate cosplayer to have an impact on the viewers. A perfect cosplay needs to be a perfect replica of the real character. Even though there are no limits to cosplay ideas; you may sometimes run out of ideas if you are a frequent cosplayer. Therefore; here we will help you with unique cosplay ideas.


If you are a frequent cosplayer then share your high quality cosplay pictures with us and win free big eye circle lenses. This will most probably cut down the expenditure for your next costume party.


At this page; you will get to see high quality; most dreamed-about cosplays with the circle lenses used to mimic the desired look. Not only; we are helping to spark creative ideas but are also assisting you that how to replicate your eyes beautifully with the appropriate pair of color contact lenses. Have a look at “Celebrity Inspired Looks” & “Look of the Month” too.


By sharing your photos with us; you may redeem your order with points even if you are not lucky enough to win a pair of big eye circle lenses this time. Follow “Points Rewards” for more details.



All the pictures/snaps/ cosplays shared here are not the property of Uniqso. The copy rights (if any) are reserved with the original owners. We always; therefore mention the owner in courtesy. 




Love Live Kotori Minami Cosplay with Cosplay Wig - Love Live-Minami KotoriStella Eyelashes Pointed 5119 & I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown

Tutorial available in Youtube too


Wig-Tokyo-Ghoul-Touka-cs-195b-anzujaamu Dolly-Eye-Starry-Eye-blue-anzujaamu Yuna-Makeup-Tutorial-peachmilkytea wig-super-sonico-cs-212a-hyominyanlee
Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay with Tokyo Ghoul - Touka wig & Phantasee Sclera lens Gremlin Cosplay with Dolly Eye Starry Eye blue Yuna Cosplay with Dolly Eye Blytheye Blue & Dolly Eye Dolly Eye Green Super Sonico Cosplay with Cosplay Wig - Super Sonico
Barbie-Love-red-ichigo-chii Tokyo-Ghoul-Kankeki-Barbie-Kira-grey-Phantasee-Gremlin-Stahli-Cosplay Phantasee-Sclera-Shadowcat-roseshock I.Fairy-Cara-Red-riemicho08
Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay with Barbie Love Red Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay with Dolly Eye Kira Kira Grey & Phantasee Sclera lens Gremlin Dance with the Death Cosplay with Phantasee Sclera lens Shadowcat Tokyo Ghoul Cosplay with I.Fairy Cara Red
Phantasee-UV-Green-soomippopp Twilight-CPF1-Beuberry-Kitten-Eyes-Green-anzujaamu Twilight-CPF1-I.Fairy-Nova-Blue-anzujaamu wig-shingeki-no-kyojin-mikasa-ackerman-cs-083a-roseshock
X'mas Gremlin Cosplay with Phantasee UV Green Spooky Zombie Cosplay with Twilight Crazy Halloween Lens CPF1 (White Out) Creep-o-Cute Cosplay with Twilight Crazy Halloween Lens CPF1 (White Out) & Beuberry Kitten Eyes Green > Watch Video Attack on Titan Cosplay with Cosplay Wig - Shingeki No Kyojin - Mikasa Ackerman
hantasee-Sclera-apocalypse-njennifer Phantasee-Sclera-Medusa-njennifer Phantasee-Mini-Sclera-Nebulous-njennifer /Wig-Danganronpa-Chiaki-Nanamics-184a-anzujaamu
Blood-Sucking Savage Cosplay with Phantasee Black Sclera lens Apocalypse Dead Queen of the Ice Cosplay with Phantasee White Black Sclera Lens Medusa High-School Prefect Cosplay with Phantasee Mini Sclera Lens Nebulos Chiaki Nanami Cosplay with Wig - Dangan Ronpa - Chiaki Nanami
Phantasee-Colossus-mandykodama Phantasee-Green-Goblin-mashyumaros GEO-CPA6-sumibunny GEO-ANA48-Dark-Red-vanilla-syndrome
Rinnegan Cosplay with Phantasee Violet Sclera lens Colossus The Goblin Princess Cosplay with Phantasee Mini Sclera Lens Green Goblin Anime Guy Cosplay with GEO Anime Lens CPA6 Gothic Bride Cosplay with GEO ANA48 Color Nine Dark Red
Ene-Kagerou-Project-njennifer I.Fairy-Cara-red-anzujaam GEO-SF20-arienreig Maleficient-sumibunny
ENE Kagerous Cosplay with Dolly Eye Twilight Blue Silica Cosplay with I.Fairy Cara Red (a.k.a Lollipop series) Wicked Lady Cosplay with GEO Crazy Halloween Lens SF20 (Red Zombie) Maleficent Cosplay with GEO Crazy Halloween Lens SF73 (Gold Eye)
I.Fairy-Jewel-blue-njennifer GEO-SF14-hyominyanlee android-robot

Krista Lennz Cosplay with I.Fairy Jewel Blue

Baby Satan Cosplay with GEO Crazy Halloween Lens SF14 Android Robot cosplay with Kimchi Bambi blue Kutsune Fox Cosplay with GEO Crazy Halloween Lens SF16 (Mansion)
anime-princess-cosplay anime-school-girl-cosplay Anastasia-shaping-cosplay
Anime Princess cosplay with Dolly Eye Blytheye violet

Anime school girl cosplay with Kimchi Maki yellow

Anatasia cosplay with GEO WTB82 Hanabi blue

Luke cosplay with I.Fairy Super Crystal blue

blood-shot-zombie-cosplay broken-doll-cosplay Mermaid-Cosplay candy-fairy-cosplay
Bood Shot Zombie cosplay with Phantasee Quasar sclera lens

Broken Doll cosplay with I.Fairy Nova blue

Mermaid Cosplay with Wig Uta No Prince Sama Ringo Tsukimiya

Candy Fairy cosplay with I.Fairy Super Crystal blue

maduka-cosplay demon-cosplay
Mami Tomoe cosplay with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown

Mikuru Asahina cosplay with I.Fairy Super Crystal brown & blue

Maduka Cosplay with Barbie Sugar Candy pink Demon cosplay with Phantasee Sabretooth Black Sclera
erio-cosplay Halloween-cosplay memaid-cosplay jinx-makeup
Erio cosplay I.Fairy Nova blue Halloween cosplay with I.Fairy Pearl black Mermaid cosplay with I.Fairy Pearl black Jinx cosplay with Dolly Eye Twilight pink
kira-cosplay sexy-devil-cosplay predator-cosplay Matryoshka-cosplay
Kira cosplay with I.Fairy Lumos pink Sexy Vampire cosplay with Phantasee Sunpyre sclera lens Predator cosplay with GEO SFW05 Matryoshka cosplay with GEO SF75
sakigami-cosplay Bab-Bonnie-Hood-Darkstalker wicked-witch-cosplay sugar-skull-cosplay
Sakigami cosplay with I.Fairy Cherry gold Bab Bonnie Hood Darkstalker Cosplay with GEO Anime CPA6 Wicked witch cosplay with GEO SF03 Sugar Skull cosplay with GEO CPF1
vampire-cosplay yoko-cosplay Phantasee-Sclera-Xorn-njennifer  
Vampire cosplay with Dolly Eye Twilight red Yoko cosplay with I.Fairy Dolly+ brown Alien from the Underworld Cosplay with Phantasee Sclera lens Xorn  



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