Colored Contacts FAQ

Q. How to disinfect colored contacts?

  1. Cleansing by dropping few drops of disinfectant onto lenses
  2. Rinsing
  3. Soaking in the sterilized lens cases.


Q. Where to store colored contacts?

Colored Contacts should be stored in their cases which should be replaced after every three months. Sterilizing your lens cases is also recommended. Always remember colored contacts should never be stored in



Always replace your case every three months even when it looks clean and you have been following proper cleansing and disinfecting of your lens cases. This is because bacteria and other microorganisms produce a substance called biofilm in the lens cases with the period of time. Biofilm acts as a reservoir to the bacteria and helps them hiding in the case from the disinfecting solution.


Contact lenses need to be completely immersed/ soaked into the solution- so fill the lens storage case fully. Things to avoid:


Q. At what age I should begin to wear colored contacts?

There is no “right” age to begin wearing colored contacts according to the experts. Anyone with a high level of sense of responsibility can wear circle contact lenses. However; as a rule of thumb children younger than 13 years should not be given colored contacts to wear.


Early teenagers, if have enough confidence on themselves to maintain the hygiene and proper daily care of colored contacts can try out colored contacts. Talk to your parents before making any decision or meet your eye care doctor for a professional advice.


Q. What is the difference between circle lenses or colored contacts?

Basically they are no difference between them. Circle lenses, circle contact lenses, big eye contact lenses and big eye circle lenses are the several name of one product. These lenses tend to add a “bigger eye” effect to your eyes whilst staying natural or even going dramatic. On the other hand simple contact lenses are just tinted soft lenses which do not add any enlargement or dolly eye effect to your eyes.


Q. How to take care of contact lens cases?

  1. 1. Wash your hands and then rub and disinfect your fingers using a quality disinfectant.
  2. 2. Dispose old solution.
  3. 3. Now pour some drops of disinfectant, I repeat pour some drops of disinfectant (and not ordinary saline solutions or rewetting drops) in the wells of the storage case and rub it with your fingers for atleast five-7 seconds. Do not allow your storage cases to come into contact with water. Water has microorganisms and minerals that may grow bacteria in the cases and cause inflamed eyes. After disinfecting your lens case completely; get a lint-free towel and wipe it dry.


Q. Can i get the  prescription for colored contacts same as my glasses'?

The answer is “NO”. Please consult optopmetrist to get the correct precription for contact lens.


Q. How to determine the the colored contacts are suitable for me?

You should remove your lens immediately if you experience any of the above following problems:



Q. What is the shelf life and life time of colored contacts?

The shelf life of color contacts is about 3 years/ printed on the label, and the life time of the lenses after opened varies. The replacement period is stated in the product description and we recommended to dispose within replacement period, depends on the frequencey of use.



Q. What are the things to take note during make up?

Tips to those make-up while wearing colored contacts:

  1. Put on contact lenses BEFORE make-up.
  2. Remove contact lenses BEFORE cleansing. Always wash your hands before that.
  3. Always ensure your hands are clean. Any stains on contact lenses may cause your eyes pain and prone to inflammation.
  4. Apply powder gently to avoid falling into the eyes.
  5. Choose a liquid or powder eyeliner when drawing eye shadow.
  6. Use good quality  mascara to avoid brushes fall into the eyes.
  7. Apply mascara slowly and do no blink immediately after brushing. Wait for at least 10 seconds; ensure it is dry before we blink.

Q. How often should I replace colored contacts?

Colored contacts are available in several modes of replacement schedules. Colored contact lenses are used for vision correction and for enhancing your eyes by giving a new color to them. Replacing them on time is strictly advised by the eye care professionals if you do not want to risk your eyes.


Colored contact lenses if are monthly or weekly should be replaced as per the instructions that come on the packaging. Daily disposable colored contact lenses can be thrown daily for a replacement every new day. On the other hand if your chosen colored contact lenses are meant for long wears; they should not be used for more than a year. Though colored contact lenses that come with one year of life allow you to wear them for roughly 10-11 months; it is advised to not to wear them past 4 - 6 months if you wear them frequently, says daily. Keep in mind; whether or not you wear your colored contacts; after 12 months of opening they get expired.


Also, you need to visti optometrist to get the latest prescription readings every 6 months.


Q. My colored contacts still look the same, why should I replace them?

Colored contact lenses may feel same even past their expiry but they do not remain safe enough to continue wearing them. Pollen from atmosphere, protein, dirt & debris with bacteria accumulation make colored contact lenses unsafe to wear after expiry. Even though you have been regularly disinfecting them expired colored contacts pose threats pose threats which should not be neglected. Colored contact lenses weather with time and the color that begins to fade with prolong wear may get in contact with your eyes which may lead to eye infections or even permanent vision loss. Therefore, always replace colored contact lenses on time.


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