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We have been always striving hard to keep our customers well-informed and well-served. We receive countless queries and concerns regarding the use of circle lenses and color contact lenses. Therefore, to collect all the information and make it available for you at one place we have established an “Online Circle Lens Library”. We are pleased to be the “PIONEER” of a full-fledged “Online Circle Lens Library”. This Library provides you complete help on anything you want to discover about circle lenses.


We appreciate if you encourage us by linking back to this library. Please promote & spread the word; as all of these articles have been written solely to eradicate your fears about circle lenses. Feel free to write to us if you think we have missed on some topics in the library. Please send us your feedback so that our creative people continue curating fresh content.

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Basics of Circle Lenses

Choosing Circle Lenses, Cleanliness & Maintenance

​Wearing & Removing Circle Lenses

Personality Grooming with Circle Lenses

Circle Lenses Pop Culture

Circle Lenses for Vision Problems

Health Risks associated with Circle Lenses

Troubleshooting with Circle Lenses

About Crazy/ Halloween lenses




Basics of Circle Lenses

  1. What are Circle Lenses?

  2. Glossary of Circle Lenses

  3. Different Circle Lenses Terms

  4. Difference between Contact Lenses and Circle Lenses

  5. Types of Circle Contact Lenses - According to Occasions

  6. Big eyes contact lenses - Myth & Facts

  7. Pay for genuine big eye circle lenses only

  8. UV Protection Contact Lenses: Should I be Concerned about UV Rays Affecting my Eyes?




Choosing Circle Lenses, Cleanliness & Maintenance

  1. How to Choose Circle Lenses?

  2. Circle lenses for boys: How men should choose circle lenses?

  3. How should I Select Contact Lenses according to Skin Tones?

  4. Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Customer - A > 1st time must see!!!

  5. Four factors to consider when buying big eye circle censes

  6. How to take care of circle lenses?

  7. How often should I Replace Colored Contact Lenses?

  8. 3 Contact Lens Replacement Reminder Tools by Dr. Jackson

  9. How to take care of contact lens cases?

  10. Sterilizing big eye contact lens cases

  11. Recycle used contact lens cases.



​Wearing & Removing Circle Lenses

  1. How to wear & remove circle lenses? > 1st time must see!!!

  2. How to open vials (bottles that contain lenses)?  > 1st time must see!!!

  3. Circle Contact Lens Guide for the First Time Wearer - B > 1st time must see!!!

  4. How safe is it to wear circle lenses?



Personality Grooming with Circle Lenses

  1. Why should you get big eye contact lenses for yourself?

  2. Do you Really Need Circle Lenses?

  3. Tips - Makeup with big eyes contact lenses

  4. Enhance your eyes with makeup and big eye color contact lenses

  5. Get free big eye circle lenses

  6. Managing Cosmetics Borne Ocular Infections with Contact Lenses




Circle Lenses Pop Culture

  1. Ulzaangs Favorite Circle Lenses

  2. Beauty secret of Ulzaang, Gyarus and Real-Life Barbies

  3. Celebrities who wear big eye contact lenses

  4. Big eye contact lenses for Wedding day: Big eye circle lenses for brides

  5. Korean celebrities wearing Korean circle lenses



Circle Lenses for Vision Problems

  1. Toric contact lenses I Contact lenses for astigmatism

  2. What are Prescription Contact Lenses?

  3. Is my prescription for glasses and contact lenses the same?

  4. Vision correction: Big eye contact lenses or glasses?




Health Risks associated with Circle Lenses

  1. Do Circle Lenses Fade?

  2. Is it safe to wear circle contact lenses on a flight?

  3. Is is safe to wear contact lenses during pregnancy?

  4. Contact Lens Solutions Alternatives: Safe or Harmful?

  5. 5 Ways People with Allergies can wear Colored Contact Lenses Safely

  6. 6 Deadly Sins to Avoid Contact Lens Wearers Make

  7. 4 Ways your Circle Lenses are Telling You to Seek Ophthalmologist’s Help




Troubleshooting with Circle Lenses

  1. ​How to Determine if Circle Lenses are Safe for Me?​

  2. How to deal with uncomfortable big eye contact lenses > POPULAR!!!

  3. How to treat inflamed eyes after an accidental nap in contacts?

  4. How to remove broken/torn contact lenses from eyes?

  5. How to check your GEO lenses' authenticity?

  6. How to get used to wearing big eye contact lenses?

  7. How to deal with blurry big eye circle lenses? > POPULAR!!!

  8. Why do my contact lenses move/ float in my eyes? > POPULAR!!!




About Crazy/ Halloween lenses

  1. A guide to halloween contact lenses

  2. Crazy sclera lenses- All about sclera circle lenses

  3. Crazy sclera lenses: 3 steps how to insert crazy sclera lensess

  4. Cosplay lenses: Different fascinating types of cosplay lenses

  5. Best cosplay lenses: GEO and EOS

  6. Halloween costume idea using halloween circle lenses

  7. Halloween circle lenses & importance of prescription

  8. Zombie makeup tips with circle lenses I Contact lenses

  9. Twilight circle lenses: A Halloween treat for Cullen’s fans

  10. Can children wear Halloween circle lenses?

  11. How to safely buy Cosplay circle lenses?

  12. Is it Safe to Wear SFX/ Decorative or Novelty Contact Lenses & Sclera Lenses?

  13. Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Celebrities Wearing Halloween Contact Lenses

  14. Sugar Skull Makeup using GEO CPF1 White Lenses & Black Bob Wig

  15. Can I Wear UV Glow Contact Lenses?



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