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Want to make your eyes look bigger, more adorable and even doll-like? UNIQSO offer cheap colored circle lenses/colored contacts can do all that for you and more. Our circle lenses/colored contacts come in different diameters, designs and brands.  You will find that the circle lenses/colored contacts even come in different colors and tones to match your make-up, dress and costume - a very important consideration when you want to just make that grand appearance or stunning entrance. These circle lenses/colored contacts also come as prescription lenses.


Our cheap circle lenses/colored contacts come in various colors, patterns and designs. From natural colored contacts to cosplay colored contacts based on fiction character you may alter the way your eyes look according to your own style and taste. Below is the breakdown of our colored contacts/circle lenses according to water content, color, diameter, designs and brands. Cheap toric contact lenses are also available in stunning designs.


Though circle lenses/colored contacts do not need any prescription they are available in prescription too. Circle lenses/colored contacts do not only cover the iris of the eye but the outer limbal ring extends a bit more making eyes look bigger and adorable. Traditionally circle lenses are same in size as of the size of human eye that is 14mm; but big eye circle lenses that are 15-16mm are now high in demand. Some big eye lenses are not more than 14mm diameter but appear to make your eyes amplified. Such circle lenses/colored contacts have a solid outer limbal ring that creates big eye effect. These are often regarded as “Natural Big Eye Circle Lenses/colored contacts”. Other than natural big eye circle lenses/colored contacts; there are extra big eye circle lenses that boast a diameter of 16+mm. These extra big eye circle lenses/colored contacts are ultimate favorites of Kawaii, Gyarus and Ulzaangs.


What are tone tone and multi tone circle lenses/colored contacts and how to achieve big dolly eyes with makeup? Please refer to our circle lens library and feel free to browse and link back to it. We also have a huge collection of other circle lenses such as Halloween, anime and crazy circle lenses-browse our cosplay lenses collection or get crazy sclera lenses here.


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  1. Base Curve > 8.6mm, 8.7mm
  2. Color Tones > 1 Tone, 2 Tones, 3 Tones, 4 Tones
  3. Diameter > 14.0mm, 14.2mm,​ 14.5mm,​ 14.7mm,​ 14.8mm,​ 15.0mm,​ 16.0mm,​ 16.2mm,​ 16.5mm,​ 20.0mm,​ 
  4. Replacement Period > 3 months, 6 months, 12 months
  5. Water Content > 38%, 42%, 48%, 55% 


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