Affiliate Program

We recommend influential bloggers to join us as a proud affiliate member. The mutual cooperation brings tides of mutual benefits. Through this program, you are subjected to earn revenues that is known as “Referral commission” (10% of the total sales).


Note: under affiliate program; you only accumulate the “10% referral fee”. If you are interested in product reviews & giveaway hosting, please email [email protected]



How Does Affiliate Program Work?

After registering to us as an affiliate; you get a unique “click through tracking link” which you should place at any or all of your social media profiles. Recommend your readers/viewers to make a purchase with us - using the ‘click through tracking link’. At every successful referral purchase, you earn 10% commission fee of the total sales brought (excluding shipment, taxes etc.)


Your revenues are always being tracked and calculated - automatically. Log in to your registered affiliate account any time whenever you are needed to collect insight on your commission.



Why should you Affiliate with UNIQSO?

  1. No Tough Rules: Anyone can join the affiliate program. If you own a blog, a YouTube channel, a Deviant Art account, Instagram etc. - you are welcomed to join us. Get the message conveyed by any means possible & enjoy the pleasure of side earnings.
  2. Everyone gets paid without having to wait tediously: Unlike common affiliate programs, there is no waiting period. We pay early, every month if you have accumulated with just minimum $10.
  3. Convenience Ensured: All payments are made in USD through the most convenient payment method i.e. ‘PayPal”. Plus, you don’t need to take the pain of claiming for your commissions every month- We will do the job ourselves to ensure you peace with ease.
  4. Hassle Free Tracking: You get a unique tracking link that serves as your own affiliate identity. It keeps a track of your sales.
  5. Earn Points: Affiliates can earn points by ordering from us too. These points can later be used to rebate the order.
  6. Convert Commission Fee into Store Credit: You can easily convert your commission fee into store credit. Just inform us before the new month begins if you want to use it any time later in the month.



How to set up Affiliate Link with us

  1. Register here >
  2. After being approved by us, you will get a notification via email. 
  3. Get one of the below banners or create your own banner, put in your social media such as blogspot, tumblr, wordpress or etc.
  4. Login to your affiliate account and get tracking link. It's under My Tracking Information > Custom Affiliate Tracking Code. Link the tracking link in the banner and secure a prominent position for the banner ad in your blogspot, tumblr, wordpress, youtube channel etc or etc.
  5. Refer your readers to click it. When they order from us, our system will capture the referral fee and you can view it in My Transactions > View Your Transaction History.
  6. Request us for your own customized 10% discount code. (within 10 letters without symbols) (email [email protected]) Readers are more likely to make a purchase clicking through your banner ad, when they are tempted by providing a 10% discount voucher.






Terms & Conditions

  1. No order can be placed using affiliate accounts.
  2. To make purchases, all affiliates must use their registered customer accounts
  3. Affiliates cannot direct order placement by clicking to their own tracking link for earning commissions. Commissions generated through misleading, will be forfeited when detected.






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