Get Pretty Ulzzang Circle lenses at UNIQSO

Do you fancy an Ulzzang face? That little cute face with flawless skin and big eyes can snatch anyone’s heart for you. No wonder, how Ulzzangs around the entire Korea and in the other parts of Asian world get those bigger, wider and deep eyes. The flaw-less ulzzang look is almost impossible to achieve without ulzzang circle lenses.




Ulzzang is truly a depiction of a heavenly-beautiful face. The emphasis is placed on bigger black eyes with white glowing skin. Most of the ulzzangs like to wear big eye circle lenses in black in order to look more natural and acceptable, whereas some would prefer other colouredulzzang circle lenses to create their own unique look.


We at Uniqso aim to transform each one of you into an ulzzang by providing high quality ulzzang circle lenses/ big eye lenses. Simply browse through our entire collection and choose according to your own colour preference or Geo-Extra Kira Kira as recommended by our experts. This may be one among the best ulzzang circle lenses. You are subjected to get a special discount too ^_^ On the other hand black lenses such as I.Fairy Pearl Black may be the best pick of the year for any wanna-be ulzzang.


Transform yourself into a NEW you with these ulzzang circle lenses. But hey hang on; do not forget to put some falsies on. Be a dolly, and purchase your complete ulzzang accessories at to avail special offers and discounts (when available).


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